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A forum for advanced research and writing on global African arts that investigates African and African Diaspora identities in the age of globalization. As an arena for rethinking African art history and interrogating the value of African art/cultural knowledge in the global economy and how that knowledge is transmitted, Critical Interventions is particularly interested in dissecting how such value is created, and the politics of the commodification of African artworks and of their reception. The journal inaugurates a formal discourse on the aesthetics, politics and economics of African cultural patrimony as it affects African ownership of the intellectual property rights of its indigenous systems of knowledge and cultural practices.

Previous Issues

CI 1: Is African Art History?


CI2: Visual Publics


CI 3/4: Interrogating African Modernity


CI 5: Africanity And North Africa

CI6: Transformations

CI 7: African Cultural Patrimony


CI 8: African Cinemas

 CI 9/10: Fractals in Global Africa